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Dear model

Dear model I know you never asked me To draw you at all So I do this for mself And most of the time really I’m having a ball But just because I like to draw boobs that are Well, … Continue reading

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At dawn

I have been floating In your arms now for quite some time But if I would say it We both now it would cross the line I have been sinking In your sand now until I was gone Buried outside … Continue reading

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The mermaids are singing They are lonely in the night I want to join them But in this dune I will hide The mermaids are shining Their tails reflect the moon I want to meet them But it would be … Continue reading

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Ballerina Blues

Some say pink is fragile The color of the weak Just wait until the Unicorn Hits you right in the cheek You can call it fluffy Not something for the tough Until you studied dancing Oh you already had enough? … Continue reading

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Don’t get angry It’s a waist of your time It creates vinegar Where you once had fine wine Don’t get bitter It lingers on for days You’ll get so sour Like a lemon with a face Don’t feel insulted Whatever … Continue reading

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Watercolour (1)

I would love to be a good watercolor artist. But I never found a way to incorporate painting so deeply in my life that I could become one. Apart from that I don’t think I have the talent to stand … Continue reading

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