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It is always sunny On stage that is But it’s like a desert Where the vipers hiss Beneath the pancake The clown feels the tears The pies are getting stale To late to change gears She smiles in the spotlight … Continue reading

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I know a little blossom She said she’d come my way So I picked some flowers And this is where I stay I knew a little blossom With hairs like golden fleece Waiting at the cross-roads For her to give … Continue reading

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Next week I will be at Graspop Metal Meting(GMM) in Belgium, for three days of brutal music. Played from 12 in the morning, until 1 or 2 in the night on five different stages. I hope to see at least … Continue reading

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Real face

A freshly laundered Faking smile A uniform Never out of style The real face Tucked away Made it through Another day The batch of tears The endless night Safely hidden Out of sight   Daily Propmpt Challenge: Uniform

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If I could trace you Every line Every curve a symphony If I could mix the colours Put them together In perfect harmony I could kiss your image But I would still miss you Daily Post Challenge: Trace

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