Honk if you sexy
Or feel like you are
We are all just living
And wishing on a star

Honk if you need me
To speak a silly word
To forget that boyfriend
That left you so hurt

Honk if you sexy
Think I’m good looking to
I ain’t got so glass slipper
But I’ll give you my shoe

Daily Post challenge: Honk

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I once saw a mermaid
Strutting her stuff
Her boobs were quit nice
But her language was rough

When I took a picture
And she got so mad
She was calling me pervy
And didn’t like my head

I once kissed a mermaid
Her lips were very salt
She smellt a bit fishy
But that wasn’t her fault

I once loved a mermaid
But she went back to sea
Said I was dreaming
Our love could never be…

Daily Post chalenge Strut

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Kitty Kitty
What did you do
Why did you pee
In my best shoe?

Pussy Pussy
I made you wet
Threw a bucket of water
On top of your head

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Scream in Vain

Found some old writings. I guess it was raining that day or something….

If there is
Nothing that you can give me
but a kind lie.

It is more than my desire to live
More than the emptiness
The thoughts I address
Even though I’m not sure why
I should not end the pain
Of winter days always the same
A head to tired to scream in vain

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Well, Halloween is coming….
I can see you
But I hide from you
I am the pointy stone
That’s inside your shoe

I don’t have features
That you will recognize
But you can trust me
Just look into my eyes

I will speak so gently
You will love my voice
When I’m getting closer
And you’ll have no choice

You will want to follow
You know you will be safe
I have build us something
It’s such a comfy grave…

Daily Post Challenge: Cloaked

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I was in a bit of a writing-block for some days…to many days. I hope this is the end of it!

Let me be sleazy
And make you smile
To see you happy
I’ll run the extra mile

Let me be tender
When your eyes go grey
And remind you
The world doesn’t end today

Let me be happy
When I unwrap you
I’ll even say it
Your eyes are acually blue


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New in store: Sunflowers!

I updated my store on Zazzle, much more to follow later! 

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