I passed a redhead
And had to gaze
At the sweater that held
Her hips in a tight embrace

I stood at the corner
Feeling a little hot
Hoping she would pass me
But she did not

I saw a redhead
A bouncy tank top
Planning to say hi
Or maybe what’s up

So I stood at the corner
But she walked away
I guess that means
This is not my day.
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Pass the skull and I
Will pas you by
Dressed in branches
She escapes from my eye

She’s smashing the cobwebs
Cause she feels with her nose
Think I see her running
Oh yeah there she goes

This lonely prison
That she built herself
They say it will fall down
When the clocks strikes twelve

Dressed in branches
The fire speaks her name
It wants to consume her
Thinking it’s a game

Pass the skull and I
Will speak of distant lands
And show the traces
Left by her hands…




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The Key

I saw this challenge from Sarainlalaland, and loved the idea. So here is my take on it..



“There was never such a thing as a key”, she said.

Her hands were drawing meaningless figures in the sky. She always did when she was searching for the right words.

‘You kept looking and looking for it because you thought it would look like a key of some sorts. You stupid boy…’

Her words pierced the silence. But she knew better than to expect an answer.

She picked up some earth, and it was falling slowly between her fingers on the ground.

“I will stop talking when my hand is empty you stupid boy. And then I will go.”

‘You thought the key was maybe a ring, or a necklace, because you could only understand something you could see and touch. You never saw that I never needed any of that”.

The sun was sinking in the sky,  the shadows creeping up to her feet. A dash of purple was painting the little clouds at te horizon. We used to count them together, she thought while the sand was running out.

“I just needed to be loved, you stupid boy . That was the only key that ever worked for me”.

She drew an old key from her pocket, and started to dig a hole in the earth.

“So here is your key, stupid boy.  I hope you became a lot smarter when we see each other again….”

The shadows had now reached her hands, as she smoothed the earth. It was easy, since the grave had been dug only yesterday.

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Mermaids of Green River

There are no more mermaids
In the Green River
They cannot live
Between the souls of the lost
So let’s tell a story of hope
and love.
Mostly love.

She swims the silence
She is the raging sea
No more begging for golddust
When she kisses me

She is the water
Flowing through my skin
No more scream at midnight
Patience is growing thin

So let’s tell a story of hope
and love.
So let’s tell a story of hope
and love.

I scream for a story
For your loving kiss
I Scream for your hunger
I reach for your bliss

So let’s tell a story of hope
and love.
So let’s tell a story of hope
and love.
So let’s tell a story of hope
and love.
So let’s tell a story of hope
and love.

No more swims in the moonlight
While the river runs
But it’s running dry
And I keep drowning in the mud
So let’s remember a story
Of hope and love.
Mostly love.

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I think I am so gracious
But the world does not agree
Although it’s gettng better
Today no plaster on my knee

You could sail the sea of coffee,
That I spilt on my clean shirts
My legs are blue and scratched
From bumping till it hurts

I could be really famous
I am just like you and me
I looked at a pretty lady
Walked straight into a tree

Daily Post challenge:


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New in my shop

For all your shopping…or a day at the beach…or anywhere you need a handy bag! Design by me. like how leaves can wave in the wind…it’s peacefull.

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Tale of the Sea

I sailed with the Devil
On many ports of call
Every maiden was helpless
And he deflowered them all

He left me in China
Dead drunk in the street
He stole all my money
And the shoes of my feet

I sailed with a Vixen
She liked my groping hand
Got the thurst for gold
And became dry like sand

She left me so bloody
Almost stabbed me to death
Like she never joint me
In the Captain’s bed

Now I am sailing
Along these troubled shores
In every port I search her
Between the dockside whores

One day I will find her
Or sail with the Devil once more
He might have some good left
The Vixen is rotten to the core

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