I’m like that pillow
That hides your face
When the movie is scary
That you love to embrace


I conceal what is scary
When you want to escape
So mangled and beaten
I’ve lost my old shape


I’m ever so Casual
Always lying around
But next time you are mad
Please do not kick me around?


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Daily Post Challenge Spicy

spicy meme


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This is the second poem that I wrote after yet another suicide in my favourite music. (For the first post go here: Check-out
I was never that depressed, but I guess I do need to try and express some of the terrible feeling of loneliness that depressions cause, and how estranged one is from the rest of the world in an attack. I don’t know if this will be the last poem on this…I have feeling it might take some time to write these demons away.

Sometimes you meet a stranger
And you recognize the pain
But why would you admit it
It always ends the same.

The deepest cuts stay hidden
From the casual eye
Some thruth as a wrapper
To sugar-coat the lie

You became an expert
Hide from them out there
Never let your guard down
To scared that they would care

Love is like a Fragrance
That you could never smell
Pretend to enjoy that flower
Wishing them all to hell

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Chester Bennington lost the fight to his own demons sadly. Like so many creative people, what made him special also made him vulnerable. I have been low at times, but never   low enough to take that step, and hope I never will. But I will not judge somebody who did. Never.
The pain that is felt by the people left behind is deep, and terrible. I do not want to take anything away from that. But the blunt truth is, that their pain is never comparable to the amount of pain you need to feel to take that last step. Humans are build to live, to find hope in the worst situations, and fight on. Let’s keep an eye on each other, in that weird mosh-pit that is everyday life. Pick somebody up when he or she is down. Let’s keep each other safe! 


So you had to check out
You had to pass the Gate
Nothing left to fight with
No more time to wait


So I heard you were to tired
To fight on until you could sleep
Cause the lights are not working
When you are in to deep


So I read the people cursing you
And say you’ll go to hell
The ignorant and the stupid
They think they know it all so well


They say go walk in the sunshine
And you will feel alright
I tried it so many times
And all those motherfuckers lied
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Ginger kisses


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So how’s your flower
Feeling edible today?
Maybe in half an hour
You will go my way?

So I was thinking
Maybe it is time to go?
In the deepest forrest
Make love in the snow?

So what’s the story
Think it is time to end?
You now walk away
Or you take my hand?

Daily Post Chalenge: Edible
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I don’t understand
What the hell it is

Is it a type of ass
One would want to bite or kiss?

I knew some ravers
That use it in their name

But I’m a gentle Metal-head
So I don’t know their game.

I give up.
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