Dear model

Dear model
I know you never asked me
To draw you at all

So I do this for mself
And most of the time really
I’m having a ball

But just because
I like to draw boobs that are
Well, yes, big

Ist that a reason
To scream like banshee
And call me a pig?

Feeling a bit like Friday on a Wednesday….

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At dawn

I have been floating
In your arms now for
quite some time

But if I would say it
We both now it
would cross the line

I have been sinking
In your sand now
until I was gone

Buried outside reality
I just wished it
would never be dawn

Daily prompt challenge:Adrift
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The mermaids are singing
They are lonely in the night
I want to join them
But in this dune I will hide

The mermaids are shining
Their tails reflect the moon
I want to meet them
But it would be to soon

Their breast are so shining
Do they taste like peach?
I wonder about their tales
So seductive on the beach

How would it be to kiss
Where she is not girl but fish?
I wake up in the morning
And nobody knows my wish…
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Ballerina Blues

Some say pink is fragile
The color of the weak

Just wait until the Unicorn
Hits you right in the cheek

You can call it fluffy
Not something for the tough

Until you studied dancing
Oh you already had enough?

Toes that are all bleeding
Inside the pinky shoes

Behind the smile she’s screaming
The Ballerina blues…

Daily Prompt Challenge: Pink

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Don’t get angry
It’s a waist of your time
It creates vinegar
Where you once had fine wine

Don’t get bitter
It lingers on for days
You’ll get so sour
Like a lemon with a face

Don’t feel insulted
Whatever you think is wrong
Get rid of the frowning
And whistle a happy song…

Daily prompt Challenge: Bitter

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Watercolour (1)

I would love to be a good watercolor artist. But I never found a way to incorporate painting so deeply in my life that I could become one. Apart from that I don’t think I have the talent to stand out in that craft anyway…

But I do know what I like, and I really like Thomas Schaller. And I mean really like. So I want to post some more of his work after getting his permission for that, but this Pinterest board should give you a lot of beautiful images already.  And of course, his own website has loads of good stuff. Like nobody ever said before, a painting a day keeps the doctor away.

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Nothing left but

Nothing left to do than read
Old messages from my phone
About how you were telling
Life to just leave you alone


Gues that includes me cause
You were gone without a trace
Now wondering what to do with
Pictures of not just your face


Nothing left but to chuckle
About some stuff you said
But when the rain is pounding
I remember the questions I had

Daily Prompt Challenge: Chuckle


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