Forest spirit

Trying out a new Artrage version. It takes some getting used to, but it feels good to draw again!

Forrest fairy 1

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Sexy … is beyond style. It is the essence. The woman who can grab that essence can makes people stop in their tracks…or forget what they were doing, ’cause when she passes by, the earth seems to come to a gentle stop, and nothing existst at that point in time or the Universe…than that women.
Yet there is no great attraction in only sexy. If it is not combined with style, and taste…it loses the last letter and becomes only the animal instinct. That on it’s own is not bad in any way, nor should it be condemed. But it can never be stylish.
When a woman combines sexy, and creates that cocktail that we all recognise, but is almost impossibe to put in words, we feel blessed, and will walk the rest of the day with a spring in our step. Even if we only sipped on that cocktail for a second, when it was only a tantalising moisturising of the lips, we will know. We will see the little flower in the grass that others are passing, and aprreciate it as if it were the most fragrant and luscious Rose we ever saw.
We will know this was a good day. A stylsh day.

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This has been a good year for a blog that is made with a lot of love, but is updated pretty irregular. And that I don’t promote realy that much to people I know in real life, because well, some things can get pretty dark in my writing, and I want to feel free to create and publish withoutt questioning myself…


This blog gives me a platform to throw my writing in the world, and thanks to anyone who followes, reads and comments! I am thrilled that I managed to entertain you, or made you think, or whatever you found in my writing.
I hope to update more regular in 2018, but in any case, a very good year to all!
Whatever you are creating personally, soldier on, and have fun!

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When the snow is falling
Like we’re the only people there
When the fire sparkles
In the gold of your hair

When the rug is so softly
Tickeling on our skin
The wind and the Carrols
We hear the Angels sing

When time stopped moving
And peace is in my heart
I know I must kiss you
But I don’t know where to start…

Dailypost Challenge Elegance 

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Full of Jack

Honestly, I like Christmas. I just like messing with it even more….

Santa is coming
To a town near you
He’ll listen to your stories
And they’d better be true!

Santi is climbing
On a roof near you
With a bag full of packets
And some coal for your shoe

Santa is killing
Some bad people near you
Of his meds and full of Jack
I’m so sorry but those stories are true…
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Christmas is coming

 I like Christmas, but it’s so forced on us, that I needed to rebel . Sorry Santa, I was a good boy most of the year!

Christmas is coming
So I hide underneath the stairs
Or crawl in the dog’s basket
Cause he is sleeping the chairs

Those bloody Carrols
The present buying race
The people running
The stress on their face

Christmas is coming
And all people want to behave
But I have plans already
Gonna build me a real Batman cave!

No time for Christmas
Maybe for reindeer on a plate
Santa is looking for Rudolph
To late…to late.
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Honk if you sexy
Or feel like you are
We are all just living
And wishing on a star

Honk if you need me
To speak a silly word
To forget that boyfriend
That left you so hurt

Honk if you sexy
Think I’m good looking to
I ain’t got so glass slipper
But I’ll give you my shoe

Daily Post challenge: Honk

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