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If I’d need a passport To travel in your heart Would you provide?   A key to your thoughts And all those images You are trying to hide?   If I’d get scared Looking inside you Would you comfort me? … Continue reading

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I’ve never been to Loch Ness. Yet. Or looked for a Yeti. It is a big world, and there is so much cool stuff out there. I’ll get around to those at some point. I did however visit the Lorelei … Continue reading

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I am not just thinking and writing about swimming at the moment, the Daily Prompt challenge combined with my never ending amazement how the ’50 shades thing’ is still going on with the second movie, made me write this. I … Continue reading

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Wild Swimming in Spain

I found this excellent post on wild swimming in Spain, so given my current obsession with swimming, had to reblog this! I will definitely check this out whenever I get to Spain! Source: Wild Swimming in Spain

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Night obsession

I have a part-time obsession with Nightswimming. Not the activity itself (although that is cool) , but the REM song. It is such a fragile, haunting song, with it’s pictures of dark forests, silvery waters and skinny dipping in a sweltering summer … Continue reading

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Cold mistress

Spring seems to get serious in Europe, and I start to long for a good swim again. In pools, in lakes…I remember bathing in the Danube in May in Vienna, and being both extremely cold, and excited about the experience. … Continue reading

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I wonder what the visual interpretation of others would be of this peom. Drawing or photography. Any reactions are welcome! Nightswimming Micheal Stipe said it so well Let’s get to the lake tonight Swear I will not swim and tell … Continue reading

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