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Nothing left but

Nothing left to do than read Old messages from my phone About how you were telling Life to just leave you alone   Gues that includes me cause You were gone without a trace Now wondering what to do with … Continue reading

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So pleased to see you But it’s a onesided afair I was wondering about you But it looks like you don’t care Best now to ignore you Seems like I had it all wrong Makes as much sense as Seeing … Continue reading

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Dog Park

If you say I’d follow Blindly through the streets Walk on Back waters A path hidden from sight Dog park My collar I wear since I gave up the fight Bright lights And taxi cries The spanking of your sheets … Continue reading

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An artist: Roderick E Stevens

Some people are in it for the money, and some because they have to. Because they could not live their life any other way and stay true to themselves. The first category tends to produce commercial, soulless art that is … Continue reading

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Will your hatred win The war after this? Will it kill more children With a chemical kiss? Will your blindess be cured If you see what you did? Or do you smile And consider it a good hit? Will you … Continue reading

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