So pleased to see you
But it’s a onesided afair
I was wondering about you
But it looks like you don’t care

Best now to ignore you
Seems like I had it all wrong
Makes as much sense as
Seeing and eskimo in a thong

Daily Prompt Challenge: Pleased

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Dog Park

If you say
I’d follow
Blindly through the streets

Walk on
Back waters
A path hidden from sight

Dog park
My collar
I wear since I gave up the fight

Bright lights
And taxi cries
The spanking of your sheets

Daily Prompt Challenge:Blindly

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An artist: Roderick E Stevens

Some people are in it for the money, and some because they have to. Because they could not live their life any other way and stay true to themselves.
The first category tends to produce commercial, soulless art that is forgotten the moment you take your eyes of it. And there are folks like Roderick E Stevens. He works in movies and video productions, is a very skilled realistic painter and travels around selling his works on art-shows. In other words, he does what he needs to do to survive and live as an independent artist, husband and father.

And oh yeah, he recently produced an independent short road movie because he felt it had to be made. I did not see it yet, but the trailer is feeling like a well made, heartfelt movie, that is worth to be seen. And it is currently getting lots of love from independent film festivals.


So if you are into realistic painting, or cool mixed media, and would like to buy some art from a working artist, pay a visit to to take a look. Buy something beautiful. Get a real painting, or get a print. You will look at your wall and think, that really was worth it. Go see Learning to Drive if you have the chance.

I have no commercial interest in any of this, I’ve never even met Roderick in person. But he feels like one of the good guys. So I endorse him, for what my opinion is worth.

Here some links to his work:

The artwork

The website of Learning to drive

Roderick at IMDB

Learning to Drive at IMDB

Daily Promt Challenge: Champion

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Will your hatred win
The war after this?
Will it kill more children
With a chemical kiss?

Will your blindess be cured
If you see what you did?
Or do you smile
And consider it a good hit?

Will you come home
And build castles in the sand?
Will you hug your child
And hold it’s hand?

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If I’d need a passport
To travel in your heart
Would you provide?


A key to your thoughts
And all those images
You are trying to hide?


If I’d get scared
Looking inside you
Would you comfort me?


Wipe my tears when
I recognise the demons
That I wanted to be?

Daily Prompt Chalenge:Passport

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I’ve never been to Loch Ness. Yet. Or looked for a Yeti. It is a big world, and there is so much cool stuff out there. I’ll get around to those at some point.
I did however visit the Lorelei in St Goarshausen. She has many things going for her compared to a Yeti. Looks for one thing, but most of all location. She is closer to my home that the Yeti, or Loch Ness, so a couple of years ago I took a train to Cologne, and cycled some days along the Rhine until I reached her.
After pitching my tent I went for some supplies in a local supermarket, cause if one has a chance to spend some time with a mythical beauty, that is rumored to have sunk hundreds of ships with her sweet songs…you have to have a drink with her. That seemed to be the right way to approach one of the ultimate Femme Fatales in history anyway.
A beer seemed not refined enough for the occasion, however suited a beer always is when one is in Germany. However a complete bottle of Champagne or Sekt (the German sparkling wine) was also not the smart choice. After cycling all day, and getting a good amount of sunburn, I probably would have troubles finding the campsite again after downing a bottle on my own, and to pour some of it in the river would be lovely dramatic, but a waist I was not willing to indulge in. But they sold mini bottles of Sekt, so with one of those in my little backpack, I went of to see the Lady!
Lorelei lives on a little land arm that sticks into the river, so you reach her via a small rocky path through the bushes.
But she is worth it. I popped my little bottle, and drank to her, her beauty and her legend. A little dramatic maybe, but is was fun to sit at the foot of the statue, and drink my sekt, looking at the river, the setting sun, and see the light change while it was getting darker. I even allowed myself some mild criticism at he statue, because if you look at it with a sunburnt, sekt drinking eye, she does have weird breasts. Not very natural. A bit of a disappointment considering the legend and all…


Before it became completely dark I went back down the path, and started to feel uncomfortable. Like something was around me, or following me. Or maybe waiting for me. I walked as fast as I could without rising to trip on the uneven path. Or admitting to myself that it felt like there was some presence that I did not want to meet.
Out of the bushes, and cycling back to the campsite, I was making fun of myself.
And decided never to make fun of Lorelei ever again…

Just in case. And maybe take some flowers next time.


Aditional info:

Atlas Obscura on the statue

More Loreley, or Lorelei, however your liking…

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I am not just thinking and writing about swimming at the moment, the Daily Prompt challenge combined with my never ending amazement how the ’50 shades thing’ is still going on with the second movie, made me write this. I love writing free-flow, free association poetry, and this is definitely one of them!

Love reduced to the
Sound of a whip
Is it love when she
Bites her lip?

Love reduced to a
Childish powerplay
Not my thing but I
Am not Grey

Love sold so ordinary on
The silver screen
Why not treat a lover
Like she’s a queen?

daily prompt Challenge: Ordinary

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