Next week I will be at Graspop Metal Meting(GMM) in Belgium, for three days of brutal music. Played from 12 in the morning, until 1 or 2 in the night on five different stages. I hope to see at least 10 bands a day, maybe more, and enjoy being between some of the   friendliest people you can meet. Metal fans are very misunderstood in general. If you bump into somebody at GMM, you say sorry, and walk on. You might (positively) comment the other persons’s shirt if it is of a rare design, or an obscure band you also like…or you might say the code-word of the year (last year’s was: ‘Slayer!’. At any point of day or night, shouting this was not just acceptable, but would always be answered with a passionate response of: ‘Slayer!’. You had to be there to appreciate it probably…), and after that, you both walk on peacefully to enjoy some more music. And people wait in orderly lines at the food and beer stands. Okay, there are some exceptions, but in general, I feel extremely safe at those type of gatherings.
And I’m sorry, but that doesn’t seem to happen much at ‘mainstream’ festivals I visit. In general, people there are very rude in my humble metal eyes…and don’t give a damn about eachother.
I guess we experience so much violence through the music, that there is absolutely no need for it on the field. Except when you go into the circle pit, or wall of death. And that is a voluntary choice! And even there, when somebody falls, you pick them up. You keep each other safe.
So for todays’ Daily Prompt I tried to capture some of the feeling…if this poem scares or offends you, you probably should stay away from this music. We have our own sense of humor. It’s a metal thing.
If you get it, I have just one thing to say:
(fistbumb & horns included.)

Would I give a damn
Or a skinny rat’s ass
If I could lead you
Into a black mass?

Would I love you
Violate you in the night
Polish you with blood
And make you my bride?

I hear cantations
The crowd is roaring
Oh, every day life
You are so fucking boring

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Real face

A freshly laundered
Faking smile
A uniform
Never out of style

The real face
Tucked away
Made it through
Another day

The batch of tears
The endless night
Safely hidden
Out of sight

Daily Propmpt Challenge: Uniform

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If I could trace you
Every line
Every curve a symphony

If I could mix the colours
Put them together
In perfect harmony

I could kiss your image
I would still miss you

Daily Post Challenge:

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Dear model

Dear model
I know you never asked me
To draw you at all

So I do this for mself
And most of the time really
I’m having a ball

But just because
I like to draw boobs that are
Well, yes, big

Ist that a reason
To scream like banshee
And call me a pig?

Feeling a bit like Friday on a Wednesday….

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At dawn

I have been floating
In your arms now for
quite some time

But if I would say it
We both now it
would cross the line

I have been sinking
In your sand now
until I was gone

Buried outside reality
I just wished it
would never be dawn

Daily prompt challenge:Adrift
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The mermaids are singing
They are lonely in the night
I want to join them
But in this dune I will hide

The mermaids are shining
Their tails reflect the moon
I want to meet them
But it would be to soon

Their breast are so shining
Do they taste like peach?
I wonder about their tales
So seductive on the beach

How would it be to kiss
Where she is not girl but fish?
I wake up in the morning
And nobody knows my wish…
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Ballerina Blues

Some say pink is fragile
The color of the weak

Just wait until the Unicorn
Hits you right in the cheek

You can call it fluffy
Not something for the tough

Until you studied dancing
Oh you already had enough?

Toes that are all bleeding
Inside the pinky shoes

Behind the smile she’s screaming
The Ballerina blues…

Daily Prompt Challenge: Pink

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