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Green River

There are no more mermaids In the Green River They cannot live Between the souls of the lost… So let’s tell a story of hope and love. Mostly love.

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Forest spirit

Trying out a new Artrage version. It takes some getting used to, but it feels good to draw again!

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Sexy … is beyond style. It is the essence. The woman who can grab that essence can makes people stop in their tracks…or forget what they were doing, ’cause when she passes by, the earth seems to come to a … Continue reading

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This has been a good year for a blog that is made with a lot of love, but is updated pretty irregular. And that I don’t promote realy that much to people I know in real life, because well, some … Continue reading

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  When the snow is falling Like we’re the only people there When the fire sparkles In the gold of your hair When the rug is so softly Tickeling on our skin The wind and the Carrols We hear the … Continue reading

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Full of Jack

Honestly, I like Christmas. I just like messing with it even more…. Santa is coming To a town near you He’ll listen to your stories And they’d better be true! Santi is climbing On a roof near you With a … Continue reading

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Christmas is coming

 I like Christmas, but it’s so forced on us, that I needed to rebel . Sorry Santa, I was a good boy most of the year!   Christmas is coming So I hide underneath the stairs Or crawl in the … Continue reading

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Honk if you sexy Or feel like you are We are all just living And wishing on a star Honk if you need me To speak a silly word To forget that boyfriend That left you so hurt Honk if … Continue reading

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I once saw a mermaid Strutting her stuff Her boobs were quit nice But her language was rough When I took a picture And she got so mad She was calling me pervy And didn’t like my head I once … Continue reading

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Kitty Kitty What did you do Why did you pee In my best shoe? Pussy Pussy I made you wet Threw a bucket of water On top of your head

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