The Key

I saw this challenge from Sarainlalaland, and loved the idea. So here is my take on it..



“There was never such a thing as a key”, she said.

Her hands were drawing meaningless figures in the sky. She always did when she was searching for the right words.

‘You kept looking and looking for it because you thought it would look like a key of some sorts. You stupid boy…’

Her words pierced the silence. But she knew better than to expect an answer.

She picked up some earth, and it was falling slowly between her fingers on the ground.

“I will stop talking when my hand is empty you stupid boy. And then I will go.”

‘You thought the key was maybe a ring, or a necklace, because you could only understand something you could see and touch. You never saw that I never needed any of that”.

The sun was sinking in the sky,  the shadows creeping up to her feet. A dash of purple was painting the little clouds at te horizon. We used to count them together, she thought while the sand was running out.

“I just needed to be loved, you stupid boy . That was the only key that ever worked for me”.

She drew an old key from her pocket, and started to dig a hole in the earth.

“So here is your key, stupid boy.  I hope you became a lot smarter when we see each other again….”

The shadows had now reached her hands, as she smoothed the earth. It was easy, since the grave had been dug only yesterday.

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2 Responses to The Key

  1. SarainLaLaLand says:

    Ooh this was very eerie! I kind of want to know the backstory now. Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge. It means a lot. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • m1sbehavin says:

      Hi Sara! There is no solid backstory really, but I had that phrase “stupid boy”in my read for some reason, and I really loved your challenge. So I wanted to combine them, and when you don’t know what to write, communication failures in relationships are always a gratefull subject. And the eerie part…wel that key had a Gothic vibe for me, so it was inevitable lol Thank you for this writing opportunity!


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