Sexy … is beyond style. It is the essence. The woman who can grab that essence can makes people stop in their tracks…or forget what they were doing, ’cause when she passes by, the earth seems to come to a gentle stop, and nothing existst at that point in time or the Universe…than that women.
Yet there is no great attraction in only sexy. If it is not combined with style, and taste…it loses the last letter and becomes only the animal instinct. That on it’s own is not bad in any way, nor should it be condemed. But it can never be stylish.
When a woman combines sexy, and creates that cocktail that we all recognise, but is almost impossibe to put in words, we feel blessed, and will walk the rest of the day with a spring in our step. Even if we only sipped on that cocktail for a second, when it was only a tantalising moisturising of the lips, we will know. We will see the little flower in the grass that others are passing, and aprreciate it as if it were the most fragrant and luscious Rose we ever saw.
We will know this was a good day. A stylsh day.

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