This is the second poem that I wrote after yet another suicide in my favourite music. (For the first post go here: Check-out
I was never that depressed, but I guess I do need to try and express some of the terrible feeling of loneliness that depressions cause, and how estranged one is from the rest of the world in an attack. I don’t know if this will be the last poem on this…I have feeling it might take some time to write these demons away.

Sometimes you meet a stranger
And you recognize the pain
But why would you admit it
It always ends the same.

The deepest cuts stay hidden
From the casual eye
Some thruth as a wrapper
To sugar-coat the lie

You became an expert
Hide from them out there
Never let your guard down
To scared that they would care

Love is like a Fragrance
That you could never smell
Pretend to enjoy that flower
Wishing them all to hell

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