An artist: Roderick E Stevens

Some people are in it for the money, and some because they have to. Because they could not live their life any other way and stay true to themselves.
The first category tends to produce commercial, soulless art that is forgotten the moment you take your eyes of it. And there are folks like Roderick E Stevens. He works in movies and video productions, is a very skilled realistic painter and travels around selling his works on art-shows. In other words, he does what he needs to do to survive and live as an independent artist, husband and father.

And oh yeah, he recently produced an independent short road movie because he felt it had to be made. I did not see it yet, but the trailer is feeling like a well made, heartfelt movie, that is worth to be seen. And it is currently getting lots of love from independent film festivals.


So if you are into realistic painting, or cool mixed media, and would like to buy some art from a working artist, pay a visit to to take a look. Buy something beautiful. Get a real painting, or get a print. You will look at your wall and think, that really was worth it. Go see Learning to Drive if you have the chance.

I have no commercial interest in any of this, I’ve never even met Roderick in person. But he feels like one of the good guys. So I endorse him, for what my opinion is worth.

Here some links to his work:

The artwork

The website of Learning to drive

Roderick at IMDB

Learning to Drive at IMDB

Daily Promt Challenge: Champion

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