Night obsession

I have a part-time obsession with Nightswimming. Not the activity itself (although that is cool) , but the REM song. It is such a fragile, haunting song, with it’s pictures of dark forests, silvery waters and skinny dipping in a sweltering summer night, that the actual question should be: How can one not be obsessed with it?

I did not listen to it for some time, but now I remembered how great it is, it will be in my brain for weeks probably (and that is not a complaint by the way), so I figured I might as well make a series about actual swimming in the night. And how great it is….

Now, after two poetry posts on the theme I am wondering how other people were seeing it. So I did some random unstructured research. To go with my own unstructured obsession.

This first picture is totally capturing the vibe with that slightly murky, not quite transparent outside water. This could be every where, but I am quite sure it is warm. I’d like to swim there. I’m just a bit worried about Alligators. I think they could be here to…

Here nobody is swimming, but you just know that any second somebody is going to run into the frame, and jump in that water. To float on their back, and look at the skies….

Then they will build a fire, and tell each other tales of distant lands, and dragons that were slayed…or two people will exchange a first kiss, and realize they are in love. Or maybe it will be just be me, staying on the beach in his little tent. With my bicycle next to it.

Sort of like this…the person I pinned it from, nails it pretty much in his comment.

This one leaves me with loads of wonderful questions. Is she enjoying the silence, being alone in the water? Or is she looking in the distance waiting for somebody to join her? There is something Scandinavian about it, is she bathing in a warm volcanic pool, or in a chilling mountain lake? Her upper arm muscles are well defined, suggesting the water is cold…or taht she is in great physical shape? All I know is, I need to visit that place.

But it started with swimming. With what Micheal Stipe calls, ‘The fear of getting caught’. Swimming at night in nature is always rebellious in some ways. I think this should be celebrated…if you do it with respect for nature and the people around you. Rebellion is about demanding your own freedom, without limiting others after all.

This image  (originating from is maybe cheating on my part. I have a sneaking suspicion it was actually taken in a pool. So does this have the night swimming mood?

Somehow it grabs me. So I can not not include it! It might be a picture from a swim suit brand…a commercial vehicle. But even swim suits go out at night, go out and play…and are sometimes left on the shore. So it qualifies.

Like Michael Stipe said:

“Nightswimming deserves a quiet night
I’m not sure all these people understand”

I think one day I will understand the night. Until then, there is always the song…and swimming.


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