Cold mistress

Spring seems to get serious in Europe, and I start to long for a good swim again. In pools, in lakes…I remember bathing in the Danube in May in Vienna, and being both extremely cold, and excited about the experience. And swimming in Brittany in seas that are so bright and beautiful blue that they should be warm. But they are not. But the hormone rush after these swims, was such an instant high, that I still get happy when I think about it. I like a warm pool now and then, but…but…Cold. There us something so seductive about it. Swimming lakes and rivers is so much more exciting than a confined, artificial pool, that maybe I now see cold on an equal foot with pleasure. Because lakes are usually cold. Or I could just be weird. I do not worry about that option to much, any way…

These blue waters
Embraces of their icy fingers…
The sun engulfs me
But the cold kiss still lingers

An ice-cold mistress
That I wear on my skin
The pain give me pleasure
I give into this sin…
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