I kissed a Girl

I don’t listen to a lot of Katy Perry songs, but ‘I kissed a Girl’ is a great pop-song. So it is on one of my Spotify playlists, for those pop-craving moments I sometimes have.

But while listening to it in the train, in my daily commuter disguise, I started thinking.
I am not somebody who is very easily shocked, so the song title never made me go ‘Oh my God I can’t believe she said that’ but I know it did cause some uproar when it came out. But when you actually listen to the lyrics, it becomes a lot less daring.
Half the song is telling us that she has a boyfriend, that good girls don’t do such things, and that she was drunk anyway. Not really the barn-storming pro-lesbian song some people seem to see in it! (Although I expect most people who talk like that really never looked further than the title anyway…)

So I think that the lyrics have been written very, very carefully, to get the most effect while saying not very much.

I mean, look at this:

I kissed a girl and I liked it
The taste of her cherry chap-stick

Chap-stick? So we are in a bar, she is drinking, in a place where people probably dressed up, and the girls put some effort in the make-up. And then she manages to kiss a girl who wears chap-stick instead of lipstick. Somehow, that just sounds really weird.

Maybe it is just me. Maybe I should think less while I am commuting. Maybe it is giving me strange ideas. Or maybe it is just me. And in any case, it is a really good pop-song.

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