Guilty Pleasure

I identify myself as a metal man. You may call me a maggot and I will high five you, because that’s how we roll as Slipknot fans.So my Spotify playlists tend to reflect that. But sometimes….sometimes you need to stretch yourself in life, get out of your comfort zone.

In that spirit,  I just created a playlist that is very heavy. On Snoop Dog songs. And Wil.I.Am tracks. Hell, I threw in Miss Perry’s thrilling tale regarding kissing girls. I am listening right now to a Terror squad song. Cause you’ve gotta Lean Back sometimes.

But what is that in the album list? Why is Swan lake doing in a metalhead’s list? Ballet suites?

That is not stretching. One can not enjoy a Gojira song, if you can’t understand Tchaikovsky. Just saying.

Daily post challenge Sound

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