I made a camping trip on my bicycle through Bretagne two years ago, and I fell in love with the landscape and the sea. I even swam in it, which in June is still a very interesting (freezing) experience. The French around me preferred the camping pool, in general…
I am planning a new trip to the area, to see what I forgot last time, and get back on a beach every night when my tent is up, to walk on it, with a full moon that is so bright you don’t need a torch. If mermaids exist, this is the place to meet one. I am certain of it!

Moonlight paints the beach silver
Almost mistaken for grey
I try to deny all the traces
Of people during the day

Thundering sea is now so quit
Lights that flash and sweep in the night
When the wind has fallen
And everything is quite alright

Scent of seaweed on the rocks
Feels like a mermaids sweet perfume
While the waves are crashin
Playing the never ending tune…

Daily prompt challenge

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2 Responses to Beach

  1. kzmcb says:

    Lovely! I share the love of the beach over a pool any day.


    • m1sbehavin says:

      Yeah, there is such a force in the sea, especially in that part of France…I can not wait to see it again. I hope to turn it into a book somehow…


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