I plan to expose myself on the beach next summer. In a completely legal way.
One part of my family has a long tradition of nudism, but I don’t really follow that. I enjoy the occasional sauna’s, and in my country that is a nude experience, but I haven’t visited a nude beach in many years. Never totally embraced that part of my family tradition.
But when checked out the German Wadden Islands for a vacation idea, I saw that there is a nude beach with a sauna next to it on the island of Nordeney. Straight from the sauna through the sand, and in the sea water. Now that sounds like something I just HAVE to do once. Damn the torpedo’s, or the Exposure, in this case.

After previous cold adventures from swimming is the Sea in Brittany, and jumping in the Danube in May when I was in Vienna, I feel like a warm adventure.

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