200 things

I just saw this post from imgur user NoyraSetri, and I agree with the general idea, that you should keep romance alive…that it pays of to put in that little bit of effort. But just imagine how spooked your loved would be if you did all the things that are listed in the post in one day! I mean, there isn’t enough time in the day…

And besides that, some of the suggestions seem a bit odd to me. I mean, if I look at point 8 and 9, I start to wonder, was the wife/girlfriend not taking a lot of care of her appearance lately?
And let’s be honest also, the chance that a man let’s his appearance go a bit is still bigger than a woman. So why does it specify a wife only? The author of the book seems to have very specific ideas about what works for different genders…

I am also a bit puzzled about point 39. In case I forgot what? That my spouse has legs? Pretty discriminating towards people without legs, I must say. I mean, some of them do drive after all…

But let’s not get to critical here. Like I said, I do think that everyone who’s doing some unexpected, but sweet thing for their loved ones, is doing good! And let’s be honest…you will benefit from it to. So be nice to your loved ones, and not just round Christmas!

If you want to read the whole original post on Imgur, you can see it here:

To the imgur post.


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