And the Nobel price goes to…

There used to be a time when you could really annoy people by taking an acoustic guitar, putting some flowers in your hair and do something folksy about human rights, or exploited workers, or something like that. That ship has clearly sailed, folk, protest singers, it’s all mainstream nowadays.

Just imagine…if you can…all the people, living together…in the most awful noise.
Cause let’s face it, 99% of all protest singers are crap. They can not sing, they can not play, and their lyrics have no cohesion, structure, or even make any sense. But it’s for the greater cause, so it’s all forgiven.

Bullshit of course. real protest music is made by pissed of people, who have a bone to pick with society, really have something to say, and have the talent to actually do it.
So for my money, the best protest singer these days is Slipknot. And I would like to take this opportunity to tell those people in Sweden, that it is not needed to wait with that Nobel thing until a writer is almost dead. Or can no longer sing to save their lives. I am just saying…

Daily Prompt Challenge: Protest


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