Sometimes I want to write serious poetry. And sometimes I write because I need a laugh. Because the world seems so absurd. And sometimes because I am Mis Behavin. You’re welcome!


The barista was naked
But she was dressed in a smile
I know it’s not right
But I looked for quite a while

Cappuccino with a nipple
It is such an unusual sight
But I really checked her eyes
They were sparkling blue bright

But I am no angel
So I took a selfie with her chest
I didn’t want to offend her
But those were some really nice breast

Sitting and sipping my coffee
Watched her work quickly and kind
Her bouncing apple bottom
Even attracted the blind

You will say I was lying
This girl was never there
I say tomorrow is Latte day
So I don’t really care…

Posted for the
Percolate daily post challenge…
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1 Response to Barista

  1. Love it Now says:

    Very nice!


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